Hi, i'm Guil 👋

I'm a creative conspirer at the service of ideas that evolve how we can relate to the world and to each other. I believe in exponential impact through the power of communication, design, facilitation and community building.

Currently working from Berlin as a freelancer for individual clients, agencies, collectives, NGOs and social enterprises. Since 2020, member and co-creator of a few Web3 communities, where I investigate decentralised systems and the role design can play in shaping a more inclusive, diverse, distributed and democratic future.

You can also check my work as a collage artist here.


brand & motion design

I'm specialised in branding and visual design. Together with great, international teams i've helped shape the brand & product vision on a variety of initiatives - from single entrepreneurs and small start-ups to large organisations.

art direction

My expertise as an art director has been in constant development since my years as co-founder of Pira, a design agency and arthouse with a sharp focus on activism and social innovation projects.  

organisational development

Since working on a number of community-driven projects, organisational development became a big area of interest for me.

I will naturally gravitate towards initiatives that aim to foster higher levels of collaboration and cooperation within their operations.

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