About me

This is my collage portfolio. For other kinds of projects, please visit: www.pira.berlin

Born in a half German / half Brazilian family, I mainly grew up in Brazil but also spent part of my childhood in Angola. Relocated from Rio to Berlin in July 2016 for a dive into new creative landscapes and entrepreneurial challenges while also exploring my heritage. Always seeking to collaborate with other artists, entrepreneurs, collectives, NGO's, social innovation agencies, institutions and residencies.

Education, social innovation, entrepreneurship, spirituality, mythology, games, open knowledge and activism are a few topics from which I draw inspiration from. I'm very interested in the role design plays in all of those. 
My passion lies in applying my superpowers on projects that fills my soul with joy and helps me - and the ones around me - to grow. Doing that surrounded by talented, competent, inspiring people is not only preferable, but necessary.

Exhibitions & Awards

"Paisagens Invisíveis" (Invisible Landscapes) - Series

  • 04/2015 @ Collaborative Workspace CATETE92 (BR)
  • 10/2014 @ Vidi Arte - Vidigal (BR) 
  • 12/2013 @ Vila Aberta / XCasa (BR)
  • 08/2013 @ Semana de Design do Rio / Templo Coworking (BR)
  • 06/2012 @ D&AD New Blood (UK)
  • 04/2012 @ Edinburg College of Art (UK)


Out of Hand International Festival 2009 - First Prize Winner

'Peacock ride'

Art of Nurture Contest by LloydsTSB Commercial Finance. 2011 - Regional Prize Winner